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Woman wearing headset while working from home
Woman wearing headset while working from home
Earth Projection

Why Choose Convey Language Solutions?


We pride ourselves in offering top quality certified interpretation and translation services to our local community and beyond.


With over a decade of experience in community, medical and legal services, we can be sure to provide the most qualified staff to cover any session assigned.


CLS has additional resources and associations to ensure we can offer over 99 languages.


We are a local company who is devoted to servicing the unique needs of our community

Kelly - Family & Schools Facilitator

We are always at ease knowing that CLS maintains strict confidentiality at
all times, in our meetings and with all private information. Thank you CLS for your professionalism!

Renee - Local meeting atendee

I had never used the Interpretation equipment and was delighted with the quality of sound and the ease of use for everyone. They should be used all the time! 

Sally - Community Non-profit Organization

I absolutely love that you are my go to for any language needs. Thank you for always making yourselves available and for your professionalism! 
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